Holiday Cottage “Dorothea”

The name could stand for several historic Quedlinburg personalities – but “our” Dorothea commemorates Dr. Dorothea Christiana Erxleben (1715-1762), a Quedlinburg doctor who was the first woman in the whole Western world to be graduated as a doctor of Medicine. On the ground-floor there is a kitchen and the sitting-room with dinner-table. There is also a shower-bath with WC. On the first floor there are two bedrooms and a bathroom, and on the top-floor there is another large bedroom. The sitting-room and the bedroom on the first floor each have  an extra spacious bed couch for relaxation or as additional beds. The mansion has been conceived  for four to six persons, but the two bed couches can provide additional comfortable beds for up to four guests. The ground floor offers access to the rear garden with sitting space.

The basic daily rental for upto 6 persons is 170,- €.
Short Break up to 3 nights 612,-€ flat rate.


• Die rot gekennzeichneten Zeiträume sind belegte Zeiträume.
• Abreisetage ist möglicher Anreisetage (Überlappungen).

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Building “Am Hospital 1”

This is the only extant property belonging to the former “Holy-Ghost-Hospital” whose history dated back to the 13th century. It is located in a calm little dead-end only 200 mtr from the historic marketplace.  The half-timber two-storeyed structure has an appealing triangular gable at the front with an inscription bearing the year of the building’s endowment 1713.

At the rear there is a quiet garden with a stately acorn-tree and access to one of Quedlinburg’s historic mill-runs. The building stretches to a length of about 30 mtr along the cul-de-sac. It is in fact a row-house which the architect has re-designed to accommodate three self-contained residences with separate entrances.

Sofa Ecke