Quedlinburg can be reached relaxed by train. The railwaystation is situated a short walk (aprox. 15 mIn.) from the appartments.

With the Tax visitors receive a free-Bus-Ticked ( HATIX) for the Harz Region.



please follow the route B6 in direction of Blankenburg / Quedlinburg until "Quedlinburg Zentrum“

Leave the motorway als reach the town via "Halberstädter Straße" and drive streight ahead (Schillerstraße – Weststraße – Wipertistraße)

-follow the roadring around the historic centre an the abbychurch  non-clockwise
(Kaiser-Otto-Straße- Am Schiffbleck)

- At the lights infront of the bridge (do not pass the river "Bode") turn left into "Neuer Weg"

- at the last junction ...

... drive straight ahead for "Am Hospital" to the cottages "Dorothea", "Otto" & "Mathilde"

...turn left and left again into "Carl-Ritter-Straße". Number 15 on the left side is the building where the appartments  "Adelheid", "Anna Amalia" & "Maria Aurora" are situated.

Have a good journey !